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7 night price fluctuations for flights from Luton to Zante departing on 14 May 2013

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Luton to Zante Selling Price on Capture Date (Text version)

Capture DateFare
15-May-2012price changed£280.81
07-Jun-2012price changed£280.81
11-Jun-2012price changed£280.81
12-Jul-2012price changed£280.81
20-Jul-2012price changed£280.81
26-Jul-2012price changed£280.81
02-Aug-2012price changed£280.81
12-Aug-2012price changed£280.81
23-Aug-2012price changed£280.81
05-Sep-2012price changed£280.81
18-Sep-2012price changed£302.41
28-Sep-2012price changed£334.81
09-Oct-2012price changed£338.41
15-Oct-2012price changed£345.61
29-Oct-2012price changed£367.21
11-Nov-2012price changed£367.21
14-Nov-2012price changed£367.21
25-Nov-2012price changed£367.21
27-Nov-2012price changed£367.21
07-Dec-2012price changed£367.21
10-Dec-2012price changed£367.21
07-Jan-2013price changed£367.21
16-Jan-2013price changed£367.21
21-Jan-2013price changed£367.21
04-Feb-2013price changed£367.21
14-Feb-2013price changed£367.21
18-Feb-2013price changed£367.21
27-Feb-2013price changed£367.21
04-Mar-2013price changed£367.21
18-Mar-2013price changed£367.21
25-Mar-2013price changed£367.21
01-Apr-2013price changed£367.21
08-Apr-2013price changed£367.21
15-Apr-2013price changed£368.41
23-Apr-2013price changed£336.01

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