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Charter Flights to Izmir, Turkey from the UK

Why Izmir?

  • Direct flights to Izmir from Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham

Charter Flights to Izmir, Turkey from the UK

Charter flights to Izmir from the UK run mainly to provide transport for package holidays, excess seats are sold off on a flight only basis. The cost of these seats is usually cheap when compared to scheduled flights. Charter airlines can offer these Izmir cheap flights by offering more restricted services than the major scheduled or low cost airlines.


Located in the Aegean province, therefore enjoying Turkey's finest climate, Izmir is located in an area whose magnificent history has made it a tourist centre. It lies at the centre of the most important land, air and sea communication network in the ancient Aegean region. Today, the old city slumbers in oblivion in a growing and rapidly changing Izmir, but those really interested can still find old mosques, synagogues, and churches. All types of cottons and textiles, together with agricultural produce such as tobacco, grapes, olives, figs and olive oil are exported from Izmir to all four corners of the world. So for a bit of history and culture, Izmir is certainly the place to visit, especially as the city is the largest export harbour in Turkey.

Summer flights to Izmir, Turkey, from the UK.

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Note: Summer is usually defined as May through to October and Winter as November through April. Sometimes there is overlap by a week or two and this can skew the information above. Also where special charters are run for a short period, possibly only Christmas and New Year. This schedule information is intended as a guide only, no guarantee is given to its accuracy. Please use the search facility to find your flights or call our staff on 020 8232 9779 who will always be willing to help.

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