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Charter Flights to Varna, Bulgaria from the UK

Why Varna?

Charter Flights to Varna, Bulgaria from the UK

Charter flights to Varna from the UK run mainly to provide transport for package holidays, excess seats are sold off on a flight only basis. The cost of these seats is usually cheap when compared to scheduled flights. Charter airlines can offer these Varna cheap flights by offering more restricted services than the major scheduled or low cost airlines.


The gem of the Bulgarian Black Sea is situated at the end of the big Varna Bay, with a convenient and well conserved water area. The city's peculiar sea charm is sublime and moving. Ancient, medieval, renaissance and modern cultures mingle and coexist throughout the city. During the holiday season, July and August, the sunshine allows 10-11 hours of sunbathing. There is nothing of the cold Baltic wind or the summer Riviera heat. The sea is amazingly calm and free of dangerous tides. Apart from the beach resort, Varna rivals the great cities of Sofia and Plovdiv in its offering of cultural attractions and historical buildings, museums and art galleries.

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