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  • The closest you can park to the terminal without parking in it.
  • No need for transfers.
  • Great value.
  • Award-winning security - cars are stored in an official on-airport car park.
  • Ideal for a family or anyone with a lot of luggage.

Useful information

Introduction:Too much luggage, too many children ... If getting to check-in involves a juggling act worthy of a magician, then let Stansted Valet Parking wave a wand and take the hassle away. Your chauffeur will meet you at the terminal, take your car and park it in a secured car park for you. When you come back, it'll be waiting for you in the short stay car park right outside. But it's not a magic trick - and that great price definitely isn't an illusion. Book your Stansted airport parking with us and we'll remove all the hassle before you even leave for the airport.
Distance to aiport:Met at the terminal
Terminal:Sorry, We do not currently have any information available for this field.
Directions:Here are your directions to the car park:
- Exit the M11 at Junction 8a from the South and Junction 8 from the North.
- You'll come to a large oval roundabout, go onto Thremhall Avenue ? it's the first exit from the North and the third from the South.
- At the end of the road, you'll come to Priory Wood Roundabout. Take the third exit onto Thremhall Avenue.
- Keep left and take the slip road up to Bassingbourn roundabout, take the second exit continuing onto Thremhall Avenue.
- Shortly after, you'll come to the Coopers End Roundabout, take the second exit towards the terminal forecourt signposted as 'Express Set Down and Airport Valet in zone D'.
- The Valet Drop Off points are located in zone D at the far end of the forecourt.
Car park address & Postcode:Stansted airport
CM24 1RW
Transfer time to terminal:Transfers are not needed. You are met at the terminal when you leave, and when you return from holiday your car will be waiting for you in the short stay car park.
Transfer frequency:Sorry, We do not currently have any information available for this field.
Transfer time:Sorry, We do not currently have any information available for this field.
Entry procedure:When you get to the car park, drive to zone D and head to the far end of terminal forecourt to the valet parking drop-off point. A driver will come out to meet you, complete a form with you and park your car in one of Valet's secured car parks. All you need to do then is walk the 1-minute journey to the terminal.
Exit procedure:When you've picked up your luggage, walk the short 5-minute journey to the Meet and Greet car park and go over to the reception office next to the coach station. The staff there will give you back your keys and direct you to your car.
Security measures:Your car will be parked in a secured, official on-airport car park while you are away.
The car park is covered by CCTV and is patrolled 24 hours a day by security staff and police. It has a barrier and lighting at night.
This car park has been awarded the Park Mark, a national security award accredited by the Association of Chief Police Officers. Before being awarded the Park Mark, car parks have to be inspected by the police. They have to have modern security measures, such as alarms and CCTV, and be clean and well-lit. Car parks which have been awarded the Park Mark are regularly reinspected by the police.
Facilities for blue badge holders:No transfers are needed, so Stansted Official Valet Parking may be an excellent alternative for disabled customers who would find it difficult to use transfer buses. Your car is collected from the terminal when you leave, and brought back to the short stay car park when you return.
Minimum stay for pre-booking:1 day
Height restrictions:The car park cannot accommodate oversized vehicles, including vans, minibuses, buses and lorries, vehicles which are more than five metres long, vehicles with trailers, motorcycles or any vehicle that cannot be driven on a standard car driving licence.
Car & Trailer information:Trailers are not allowed.
Important information:Stansted Official Valet Parking is available 24 hours a day, but should be booked at least two days in advance. Parking charges are calculated in periods of 24 hours, starting from the time when you arrive at the car park. If you stay for more days than you booked, you will be charged for the extra days at the car park's standard daily rate. If you stay for fewer days than you booked, you will not be given a refund.
Other service provided:Sorry, We do not currently have any information available for this field.
Check In time:Sorry, We do not currently have any information available for this field.

* Please note that full product information (including directions) will be emailed along with your booking confirmation.